The etiquette of bowls is a combination of good manners, sportsmanship & sociability.

Ensure you are correctly attired. White or Club shirt and Grey or White Trousers or Skirt.

Always arrive in time to change & be on the green ready to start.

Make sure you have the correct stickers on your woods.

Support your Captains by putting your name on the nomination sheets.

Always have your bowl ready to play when the person bowling before you leaves the mat.

Never deliver your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.     

Respect the green at all times. Do not drop  your woods on the green. 

Do not stand on the edge of the green or walk in the ditches.

Do not drop litter on the green, use the receptacles provided.

Possession of the rink must always be respected.

Be still & quiet at both ends whilst others are delivering their bowls.

Do not walk across the back of the rink when a person is on the mat.

Remember that direction for the skips are only given by the number 3 (2 in triples).

Other players must not intervene unless asked.  

Likewise, the result of the end should only be determined by the number 3 (2 in triples) 

Do not disturb the head until the result has been declared.

Remember that it is unsporting to verbally encourage failure by the opposition e.g. encouraging a bowl to miss/go through etc. It is also unsporting to verbally celebrate a shot by your opponents which gives your team the advantage.

Win or lose, always shake hands & thank your opposition for the game.

It is good manners after the game to offer your opponent/marker a drink.