How do I start bowling?

Find a good bowling club and ask about welcome events and coaching sessions - get a few lessons and see if you enjoy it - that's the best first step. Bredon Bowling Club coaching sessions are on Monday evenings starting at 6:00 and on Tuesday afternoons starting at 2:00 - contact the club secretary - or just turn up wearing flat shoes and you will be made very welcome!

What ages are the people who bowl?

We have all ages from teenagers up to octogenarians. Bowls matches take place in most weather conditions and generally involve anything up to 21 "Ends" - which usually take about two and a half hours to complete a full game. 
So, being able to bowl and be on your feet for that amount of time are the main criteria

What is the difference between Lawn Bowls and Crown Green Bowls?

Lawn bowls is played up and down on flat "rinks" - whereas crown green bowls is played on a green with a mound in it - or crown, which affects how the bowls roll. In lawn bowls, the woods themselves are generally a little heavier and have a little more "bias" and categorised by size whereas crown green bowls are generally categorised by weight. At Bredon Bowling Club we play lawn green bowls on a flat green.

Is there a season for bowling?

At Bredon Bowling Club our season runs from the end of April to the end of September - but with a little flexibility depending on the weather etc. Outside of the main season, bowling activities do continue - but generally within the clubhouse - an example would be carpet bowls.

What different types of bowls (woods) are there?

Lawn green bowls (woods) vary considerably in size, weight, bias (performance), colour and, to a lesser extent, construction. Sizes generally range from the smallest "Size 00" up to the largest "Size 5" (00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Weights vary between "medium" and "heavy". The bias of a wood determines how the wood performs when rolled. Each wood should describe a specific curve (in test conditions) during its transit according to its bias. Lower bias woods describe a narrower curve while higher woods bias describe a wider one - with some designed to"hook-in" at the end of their travel. Most woods are black but with a distinct emblem for identification purposes. However, with improvements in composite resin construction technologies, there is an increasing array of colours now available. Woods, as the name suggests, used to be constructed from wood - the majority of modern woods are now made from composite resins.
To find out more, speak to the club coaches.

How do I choose the right wood?

The short answer to this is "try-it-and-see" - ask the club coaches if you can use some of the club woods and see what weight and bias works best for you. Generally, the size of the wood most suitable for you is determined by your hand size. A wood should be of a similar diameter to that of the imaginary circle created when you put your two forefingers and two thumbs together. But, again, there is no substitute for trying different sizes and weights and seeing what you are most comfortable with - before you invest in your own set.

What time are games played at?

Matches are generally held in the afternoons and evenings typically starting at around 2:30 and 6:00 respectively. But this varies depending on venue and travel times for away matches. Comprehensive details of Bredon Bowling Club fixtures can be found on our fixtures page. 

Is there a dress code?

Yes, whilst on the Green, members are expected to wear flat-bottomed bowling shoes and the appropriate "Whites" or "Greys" which varies depending on the match type and day. Full details are provided at time of enrolment - or speak to one of the club's coaches or officials.

Where can I buy bowling equipment?

A good proportion of equipment can be sourced through the club. Before buying anything, it is best to talk with one of the club's coaches or officials as they will know what might be available or where any special deals can be found. There is a vast array of bowling equipment suppliers online and there is a very good bowling equipment supplier in Pershore.

Can I join just as a social member?

Yes, there is a "social-only" membership option - contact the Club Secretary for details

What bowling leagues do you play in?

Bredon Bowling Club play in 3 leagues:
i)  Concorde men's league (5 rinks) 
ii) Concorde Ladies League (4 Triples) both played on weekend afternoons or Thursday evenings.
iii) The Vale mixed triples league on Monday evenings (3 mixed triples)
Two Gents teams, Bredon A and Bredon B, play in the South Worcestershire triples league on Tuesday evenings.

What happens outside of the bowling season?

Outside of the bowling season (late April to late September) the club remains open and a variety of activities are arranged on a regular basis including a Winter Carpet Bowls League. Contact the Club Secretary for more details or check our Planned Events page.