During 1934 or 1935, at  a meeting in Kemerton of the C.E.M.S, (Church of England Men’s Society) the suggestion was made by the Rector, Rev. H. Austin, that a bowling club be formed. Mr. Edwin Franklin was the first secretary. The subscription was 2 shillings a year (10 pence) and even in 1957 it was only one pound. 

Mrs Till and Mrs. Luard, with others, bought the first woods, 8 sets and the first games were played in the orchard belonging to Three Gables (on the Cross) where the Rector lived – it was a pretty rough tennis court.

They moved fairly soon to the newly built Rectory and used a tennis court. This was in the middle of a very rough orchard and a lot of work had to be put in before any play was possible. They moved again, across the road to Wayside (approximately opposite the Victoria Hall) where they stayed for some years.

When this property changed hands they returned to the Rectory (now South Hey) where another green was made in the orchard behind the house. 

The first match at Kemerton was against Aston Somerville. Amongst the original members was Mr Muskett – who was the only one who knew anything about the game!

All was well until about 1961/2 - when the new Rector needed this garden for his own use and the club had to find new premises.

By this time the club had grown; it was decided to split up, one half going to Bredon and the other to Overbury. Stan Priest was the founder President and Captain in 1963 of Bredon. Overbury were offered an old tennis court behind the cricket club by Mr. Holland-Martin. Their membership was limited by Mr. Holland-Martin to residents living within one and a half miles of Overbury. Soon they realized that they had a chronic shortage of bowlers and as their relationship with Bredon was excellent they were helped out on numerous occasions. This membership restriction was lifted in time.

The first minutes that were recorded for the new club were held in March 1962 to discuss the building of walls, Tarmac a path, a possible hand-rail mounted on the south-east corner of the green and a 7 x 5 foot shed to house machinery and equipment.

Those present at the meeting were Mr. S. Priest, Mr. R Leech, Mr. W. Partridge, Mr. J. Knight, and Mr. W. Smith. - the bank balance in March 1962 was £90-0-3d.

At a committee meeting in April 1963, approval was given to build a club house but it was only leased for 5 years. After some lengthy discussion, it was agreed to contact the Hancock’s Trustees to obtain a 21 year lease. It was also agreed to adopt (in principle) the club rules of Pershore Bowls Club.


Original Clubhouse and Opening Ceremony

Over the next 50 years, Bredon Bowling Club has gone from strength to strength and celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in 2013. A comprehensive history of the club was produced for the anniversary - hard copies are available from the Club Secretary. 

Source: Bredon Bowling Club - 50th Anniversary Pamphlet